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Let's Do Lunch

We have just received a unique donation of lunch pails that are now on display at the Oakdale Cowboy Museum. Lunch pails, what? Yes, former museum director Bryan Ehrenholm, who owned and operated the Lunch Pail restaurant on Bangs Avenue in Modesto donated nine antique western lunch pails. When Bryan opened his new establishment a few years ago he began collecting various lunch pails through antique stores, private collectors and ebay and proudly displayed them in his restaurant. Some so pricey that he had them in locked cases. When his restaurant closed last month, he called to ask if we’d be interested in giving them a home. These pails date back to the early 1950’s-60’s when Roy, Dale & Trigger were all the rave. But let’s not forget Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, and Wild Bill Hickok. Or the Wagon Train, How the West was won or that handsome Marshall Dillon from Gunsmoke. Some of the pails even came with a thermos. Can you remember which lunch pail you packed to school?


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