The Saddle Tools of the Trade

The Oakdale Cowboy Museum is proud to present the opening of our newest exhibit The Saddle, Tools of the Trade, on Wednesday, July 25, from 6pm-8pm. The exhibit will feature the tools of the saddle maker, how they were used by the craftsman, and will show how they are a part of the history of the saddle. Over the last 150 years the design of the western saddle has continually changed. These changes have mainly occurred to fulfill the various needs of the mounted stockman. The style for many of the tools of the saddle maker however, have not changed significantly since they were first designed. Many of the tools in the exhibit are over 100 years old with some predating the Civil War.

“We’ll also be integrating new technology to go along with the illustration of the tools said, Executive Director Christie Camarillo. Visitors will be able to scan a QR code with their smart phones which will connect them to a narrated YouTube video showing how most of the tools displayed in the exhibit actually work on leather.”

Local saddle makers Bruce Johnson exhibit curator, Ryan Cope, Ron Butler, Alan Browne, Jim Kiss and Rockye Cozzitorto have contributed to this exhibit and will be available on opening night. The exhibit will run through the end of the year.


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