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The Oakdale Cowboy Museum Announces 2012 Honorees

The Oakdale Cowboy Museum is proud to announce the honorees for our 15th Annual Dinner & Auction Fundraising Event which will take place on Saturday, September 15, 2012. Each year the Museum honors individuals who have been instrumental in Oakdale’s western heritage. This year special recognition will go to the “Early Cattle Haulers of Our Area”; Allan Freitas Sr. C&F Livestock, Pierre Hegoas & Sons Livestock Transportation, Hummer Trucking and Ed Rocha Livestock Transportation. Posthumously, the Museum will recognize ranchers Tom Butler & Tom Clark.

The moving of livestock in the early days was difficult. Driving cattle to change pastures or to market could take days and the loss was sometimes great. "As early as 1920, cattle trucks were used to haul cattle to the stockyards. But it wasn’t until the 1950's & 60's that the hauling of live cattle by railcar gave way to the livestock transportation as we know it today.

Ranchers and the livestock haulers in this area have been working together for generations. Our honorees have over 200 years of combined experience in trucking and hauling livestock. In 1935, John Rocha began hauling cattle. His son Ed would start his cattle hauling business while a senior in high school and continues today as Rocha Valley Enterprises. Pierre Hegoas bought his first truck a 1959 GMC in 1965. It was a bobtail that would haul only 10 head of cattle at a time. In 1964, after returning from military duty, Fritz Hummer took $500 from a savings account that he and his wife had managed to save and bought his first semi truck, a used International with “quite a few miles on it.” Allan Freitas Sr. started hauling cattle in the 1950’s with M&M Livestock out of Stockton. “The cattle haulers are an instrumental part of our local western heritage and we’re honored to recognize the contribution they’ve made to our ranching industry”, said Doug Murdock, Cowboy Museum President.

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